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Hi! I am Sigalit Vardi, the owner and the designer at The Flower Bar.  I  am a nature inspired person and beautiful flowers feed my soul. I am  passionate about flowers and design and motivated by love and personal connection.  As soon as I have embarked on this journey with The Flower Bar, I realized  how amazing it is to share my passion with others and and I am thrilled to witness the positive effect on them.  Fresh flowers bring nature indoors and create a relaxed environment with a warm ambiance that sets the tone for any event. I love my mornings at the Flower market. For me, it is the most beautiful place on the planet. I take the time to find new and exciting blooms and am always looking for something different and unique. I love mixing different textures, shapes and colors in the creation of a harmonious  arrangement.   My clients are dear to me and each arrangement is made with love and with the utmost attention to details. I would love to talk to you about your floral needs. Give me a call at (314) 602-8831 or visit the Contact page!

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